Summer Coven: Asana, Meditation, Ritual

This class is taught by:

Jordan Tyler

Jordan likes to bring a little bit of magick wherever she goes -- from an altar of oracle cards and essential oils, to giggle pranayama.
You can come to your mat expecting an intelligently sequenced, physical practice filled with empowering asanas, in a totally approachable fashion.

Jordan Tyler is ERYT-300 certified in Hatha and Vinyasa yoga and she believes integration is the name of the game. With a passion for personality, self-growth and development, and fostering the connection between mind-body-breath, you can expect to leave your mat feeling like the mindfulness practiced there sticks around for the rest of the day. Using her trademark style of metaphorical cuing (building on your knowledge by using familiar concepts), emphasis on anatomical alignment, a bold sense of humor, and a deep call to action, it’s her intention that students begin to have a better and more holistic understanding of themselves.


Summer Coven, happened so faaassst
Summer Coven, had me a blasssst

Saturday, August 11th, 5-8pm

Join Jordan Tyler for a sweet, summer celebration of Self.
We will indulge in the usual magick of:

>>Guided Meditation
>>Gentle Yoga
>>Altar Building


- Wear something comfortable
- Bring an item to energetically charge on the altar
- Bring an item to energetically cleanse
- A pen and Journal.


Date: 08/11/18

Time: 5:00-8:00pm

Cost: $33