Julie Beatty

Julie’s highest intention is to create a loving, healing space where students have the freedom to move intuitively and begin to deeply listen to their unique heart song. Her invitation is to allow the yoga to be the microscope that magnifies the light and dark within and to allow for a deep healing and knowing of the true self.
Julie’s greatest teacher has been and still is her heart. She believes that the heart is the greatest truth-teller. When fear and anxiety cloud her vision it is the breath and movement of yoga that bring her back to clarity. Julie has deep gratitude for Ms. Meghan Currie who opened her up to this knowledge, to this gift.
Julie will always be a student and is humbled each time she is given the opportunity to share, to love and to heal alongside her students.

Julie Beatty instructs the following:
  • Vinyasa
  • This class includes a sequence of postures arranged to systematically create heat and stoke the energetic fires of the body. Advanced postures will be introduced as options to go deeper, and students may learn step-by-step how incorporate binds, arm balances and inversions in their practice. Recommended for all types of yogis that want a dynamic practice. This a breath based practice that is fun and flowing, designed to build strength and flexibility, learn physical postures, yoga philosophy, and create a sense of calm and balance in the mind, body, and spirit.