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Owner Steve Hart blogs about everything from yoga and spirituality to business and entrepreneurship.

Writing Rollercoasters

The act of writing was in complete defiance to my ego, so the more I wrote the more my old identity began to shed. I liken this process to drowning. For the first few moments of being held under water, everything is ok. You still have oxygen in the body and you can survive no problem. As the seconds continue to tick you start feeling uncomfortable, then frantic, and finally your body writhes in desperation to get air as death creeps ever nearer. In is the process of shedding the ego, the deeper you go the more painful it becomes and your mind will do anything it can to save yourself. My ego told me I was not a writer, let alone an author, so as I continued to write my ego started to drown. At first it was fine, but eventually it started writhing and sending me messages to quit. Read More

Money Money Money

I worked on rewiring my brain to be grateful for my ability to spend, because it was allowing me a much more pleasant life. I started spending more, and feeling less stressed about it. Through this process, I realized something. While I understand the concept in business that you have to spend money to make money, I realized the same is true in our personal lives as long as the money we spend is an investment in ourselves. Read More

Moving On Out

Instead of resisting this pain I let it run through me, felt it in my body. It was a beautiful experience, one of the more profound I had ever felt. I felt the sadness, loved the sadness, and allowed the sadness to be a form of gratitude for the love I had for all the time spent in that house with my family. Read More


It’s safe to say, at one time or another we all liked blowing bubbles. They are pretty damn fun. We blow them, enjoy them for a few seconds, then watch them pop. Despite how awesome we think the bubbles are, we don’t seem to care all that much when they pop. There is no worry while they are floating around that they will soon be gone. There is no pain or sadness when they disappear. When we blow the bubble we know it isn’t going to last long, so we enjoy it while it’s there, let it float it’s course, and pop when the time is right. Pretty easy and stress free process I would say. Read More

Shut Up and Listen

Was I going to risk all that I owned on this crazy business idea? It was eating me up inside. Most people were telling me not to do it, that it was too risky, too much money, and would never work. Read More

The Power of Relaxation

The key to a life of effectiveness and sustainable productivity is to focus less on how much you can get done in a day to how much can you do while staying relaxed the entire time. Read More

Emotional Data

I realized that my emotions are not a hinderance to my experience, but instead are data points that provide information on my experience that allows me to process in a more effective way. Read More

Stepping Into Fear

Fear acts like the millennial dating pool. Like many millennial daters, fear wants what it can’t have. Fear is attracted to resistance, it will pursue you until you give in. But if you don’t play hard to get and just give it love, get needy with it and text it all the time, it wants nothing to do with you. That is the key! The process of letting go of fear is not to push it away, but instead to step into it, to love it, to feel it, and watch it fall away knowing that it is not a part of you. Read More

489 Days Later

January 27th of 2016 I wrote an article about the passing of my mother and my process of healing and growing from that experience. I wrote it because I had a message that changed my life and I felt I had to share that message with whoever needed it. Somewhat to my surprise, a lot of people needed to hear that message. Within 24 hours my post had thousands of viewers and I received several emails of further questions and gratitude for my thoughts. It was really a beautiful thing. Read More