489 Days Later

By Steve Hart

January 27th of 2016 I wrote an article about the passing of my mother and my process of healing and growing from that experience. I wrote it because I had a message that changed my life and I felt I had to share that message with whoever needed it. Somewhat to my surprise, a lot of people needed to hear that message. Within 24 hours my post had thousands of viewers and I received several emails of further questions and gratitude for my thoughts. It was really a beautiful thing.

It has been 489 days since I wrote that piece and I never wrote another one until now. Why is this? I realized something yesterday. I wrote that piece from my heart, but when it became popular my ego swooped in and grabbed all the credit. My ego then told me “quit while you’re ahead, you’ll never write something that good again”. Had only one person read my first article I would have written so many more without any expectation of success, but since it was so successful, but I subconsciously decided never to write again because “I am not a writer” and somehow it matters how many people actually read what I write. Crazy right?

I had this revelation yesterday, and the realization as I am writing this that people do this all the time, every day. How many times have you heard, or said, “oh I can’t sing” or “I don’t dance” or “I’m not very good at this” like it actually matters how good you are at anything unless you depend on it for an income. We make up these stories that the judgement of people around us is more important than listening to our hearts and being our highest selves.

This concept goes deeper. How often do we stay in a bad relationship, keep a job we hate, or maintain unhealthy habits because they are safe and we can identify with them? So we stay miserable. We stay stuck. We don’t leave because we’re scared to lose what we have. Even though we hate it, it’s comfortable, it’s ours. I’m here to tell you that what you can’t see when you jump is where you’ll land. If you’re listening to your heart, the landing is happiness, success, and fulfillment and it’s all waiting for you behind a dark veil, only a choice or two away.

There is nothing vastly different between someone like Oprah and you or me. We all have blood and bones, a brain, liver, fingernails, and kneecaps. We were born, we will live, and we will die. What made Oprah so great, and eventually a multi-billionaire philanthropist, was her ability to listen to the heart and follow its guidance. She turned down offers that her mind told her were a good opportunity because her heart was pulling her elsewhere. It led her to be in the right place at the right time with the right people over and over again. She didn’t know everything would come together like that, she felt it. Had she not taken the leap into the darkness and stuck to her ego that told her she was a poor black women shouldn’t expect much in this world, we would be living in a world without an Oprah, a place that is simply less pleasant.

We all are unlimited potential. The universe is conspiring FOR us. All we have to do is listen to that little voice in our body telling us to leap. So do it, close your eyes, listen to your heart, leap into the unknown, and enjoy the life of your dreams.

This is me leaping. I’ll be writing at least a blog post per week, and a book is on the way, but I’m doing it for me. You’re invited too, just leave your shoes at the door.


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