Stepping Into Fear

By Steve Hart

Imagine a world without fear. Where every inspired thought gets broadcasted to the world, every country lives within its means, where the fortunate help the less fortunate to live happy healthy lives. There is no racism, there is no war, there is total cooperation between all beings around the world. What a beautiful place to live!

Unfortunately that is not yet our reality, fear is still the greatest inhibitor of humankind. From ancient to modern times fear has led to the destruction of societies, erasing centuries of innovation, and paralyzing great evolutionary thought. It is the root of all hate and violence, limiting the message of our leaders in love and equality.

So what is fear? Fear is a unique mindset combining both past reflection with future projection with a desire to control what cannot be controlled.

I’ll use my story as an example. When I first moved out to California I was 24 years old and spent every dime I had to move here and start my studio with little to no experience in the business world. I was terrified! My preconceived notion was that 80% of all small businesses would fail, so I had a slim chance of success. My future projection was that I would fail and lose all my money and embarrass myself. My desire to control my fate and succeed was a huge cause of stress, because at the end of the day my business model might just not be realistic. Despite all this, I was young and naive and figured I would go for it anyways.

Though all of these thoughts went through your head, none of them would actually have existed if I stayed connected to the present moment. In the moment, you are infinite. You can let go of preconceived notions because they don’t exist in this moment. You can let go of future projections because they are nothing more than imaginary outcomes. You can let go of your desire to control that which you cannot control, in this case the success of my business, and focus your energy on the only thing you can control- yourself. Had I understood this concept at age 24 I would have saved myself a ton of stress of the years! But now that I do, my work with the business, and other projects, are executed without fear and my life is significantly way less stressful.

Developing this relationship with the present moment to eradicate fear is challenging for most, but it doesn’t have to be. This is due to our unique relationship with fear. We have been taught since we were young that fear is a bad thing and to avoid it at all costs. “I could never start a business, what if I fail and lose everything!” The limiting abilities of fear have stopped countless world changing innovators who were too scared to step up, yet the ones who did will be remembered throughout history.

So how do we overcome fear and step into our unlimited potential? We need to understand how fear operates and then redefine our relationship with it.

Fear acts like the Millennial dating pool. Like many Millennial daters, fear wants what it can’t have. Fear is attracted to resistance, it will pursue you until you give in. But if you don’t play hard to get and just give it love, get needy with it and text it all the time, it wants nothing to do with you. That is the key! The process of letting go of fear is not to push it away, but instead to step into it, to love it, to feel it, and watch it fall away knowing that it is not a part of you.

Once we realize that we are the space in which fear can flow through, and we are not fear itself, it allows us to use a loving eye to watch it as it moves in and out. This is how we let go and step into the present moment. The next time you feel scared or anxious about something, take a moment to close your eyes, feel the fear in your body, give it a hug, tell it you love it, and watch how it slips away!

Here's me as a young buck-



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Feb 10, 2018
Sometime we fear from different situations. By the research of services people want to protect themselves from fear. They can be afraid from some people or different conditions of their life. They cannot spend happy life with fear.