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Owner Steve Hart blogs about everything from yoga and spirituality to business and entrepreneurship.

Money Money Money

I worked on rewiring my brain to be grateful for my ability to spend, because it was allowing me a much more pleasant life. I started spending more, and feeling less stressed about it. Through this process, I realized something. While I understand the concept in business that you have to spend money to make money, I realized the same is true in our personal lives as long as the money we spend is an investment in ourselves. Read More

Moving On Out

Instead of resisting this pain I let it run through me, felt it in my body. It was a beautiful experience, one of the more profound I had ever felt. I felt the sadness, loved the sadness, and allowed the sadness to be a form of gratitude for the love I had for all the time spent in that house with my family. Read More


It’s safe to say, at one time or another we all liked blowing bubbles. They are pretty damn fun. We blow them, enjoy them for a few seconds, then watch them pop. Despite how awesome we think the bubbles are, we don’t seem to care all that much when they pop. There is no worry while they are floating around that they will soon be gone. There is no pain or sadness when they disappear. When we blow the bubble we know it isn’t going to last long, so we enjoy it while it’s there, let it float it’s course, and pop when the time is right. Pretty easy and stress free process I would say. Read More