By Steve Hart

It’s safe to say, at one time or another we all liked blowing bubbles. They are pretty damn fun. We blow them, enjoy them for a few seconds, then watch them pop. Despite how awesome we think the bubbles are, we don’t seem to care all that much when they pop. There is no worry while they are floating around that they will soon be gone. There is no pain or sadness when they disappear. When we blow the bubble we know it isn’t going to last long, so we enjoy it while it’s there, let it float it’s course, and pop when the time is right. Pretty easy and stress free process I would say.

Now, imagine that you are the ultimate creator, and you are blowing our own sorts of bubbles. Except now the bubble’s are not made of soap. They are planets and stars, trees and oceans, dinosaurs, birds, fish, mammals, and humanity. Each bubble is beautiful in it’s own way, but just like the soap, they will float their course and pop when their time comes. You won’t fret this process, because you know when you blow the bubbles that they will only be temporary.

We are bubbles. We’ve been given this blessing of creation with the inevitability that we will some day pop. There is not a single person in history who has ever escaped this process. There is not a single living being that has ever escaped this process. Yet, we live in denial. We waste our precious time, live unhappy and unhealthy lives, and allow the fear of death to restrict our ability to live our fullest. We focus on money, on work, on getting more things, bigger things, shiny things, because we think it will make us happy. We project our happiness onto a future circumstance that may never come for us. “I’ll be happy when I make this much money, I’ll be happy when I get married, I’ll be happy when I start my own business.” All the while we are ignoring the beauty of life in the moment, our blessing of temporary existence.

Ok, so what if you are happy and healthy right now, everything is good. That’s great! But your attachments are bubbles too. Your healthy, able body won’t last forever, might not even last the whole week. You’re money could go in a flash, your house could collapse or your perfect relationship could end over night. These things are all just as fragile as the soap bubble, yet we try to protect them with all our might. We build a barricade around our bubble, and stand guard 24/7 trying to make sure it won’t pop, and when it does our world is shaken.

So, we are all bubbles and all of our attachments are bubbles. That can seem kind of stressful if you see the bubble as the soap. What if that bubble was not the soap, but in fact the air within the soap? The soap is a mere shell, a vehicle if you will, for the air inside the bubble to move about. And when it pops, the inside the bubble does not disappear, it simply reconnects with the surrounding air from where it came.

Let’s break this down. The air inside the bubble- us, comes from a source- the Earth. We are given our form- our body, with the knowledge that one day we will have to give our form back to our source. We don’t know for sure how long we will get to float about in this body, but we know that is somewhere between 1 second and 120 years or so. We have an opportunity for life, and what we do with this opportunity is entirely up to us. We can float about in freedom, recognizing that the true us, the air inside the bubble, is actually no different than anyone else because we all came from the same source and will all go back to the same source. The only difference is the physical form we were given to carry us through our lifetime.

The same is true for our attachments. Let’s look at money. In it’s very basic form, money is simply an exchange of energy. We expend energy through work in exchange for money which we then trade for other people’s energy via their work. Money never really is yours, you cannot own it. You can hold onto it, you can use it, but it is no more yours than then the body that you will one day give back to the earth. The number in your bank account is the soap, the air within the bubble is your energetic ability to provide value. If your bank account disappears only the form is gone, but your ability to provide energetic value always remains.

Relationships act in the same way. The soap is the image of you and another person as a couple, how you see and interact with each other and within society. The air inside the bubble is pure love. Even if the relationship ends and the partners split, the love is still there. It may be recaptured in the next relationship bubble, or it may remain connected to surrounding universal love, but it never disappears. Therefore we are always surrounded by pure love, we are never alone, despite what our relationship status looks like.

The application of this understanding can be profound. We often stress about losing important people in our lives, and that is wasted energy. I’ll use my puppy as an example. My puppy is one of the best things in my life right now, and I can’t imagine life without him. There was a time when I thought about the future in a realistic sense and I realized that one day, inevitably, I will have to give up my puppy. His life simply won’t last as long as mine will, and that day will come. That realization brought me to tears, it was almost unbearable to think about. I one day realized my puppy is just a bubble, like everything else, and my view completely changed. I saw him as a beautiful being, changing everyday, floating about life in absolute presence, the embodiment of unconditional love, and I decided that I will love and enjoy every minute with him until that day when his time is over. Yes I will be sad on that day, but the realization today that my connection to him is eternal and his body is temporary, gives me peace and allows me to be more connected to him in this moment. The process can be applied to every attachment in your life, including your own self.

If the application of the bubble analogy doesn’t click for you, go out and buy some actual bubble soap and blow some bubbles for yourself. I did, and I still have it. You can borrow it if you want. Blow some bubbles and watch them move. Visualize your attachments in the bubbles. Meditate on this and you will see.

Raja the Puppy

If you interested in learning more, about this topic, anything else I have written about, or you are in need of someone to listen, please reach out to me at Steve@Riffsstudios.com and we can book a session to meet.


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Nov 20, 2017
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