The Power of Sound

By Steve Hart

“Relief from pain, confrontation with cancer, communication with the deceased, epic journeys through space, vivid movements of color, messages from the divine, becoming one with the ocean, mobile sensations of tension and release, and many, many “words can’t even describe what I just went through.””


All from a few crystal bowls and a gong! These are just a few of the profound responses that I received from those who gave me the opportunity to carry them through an experience of sound. These people that found their way into Riffs with an open mind have perpetuated my path into sound in a way that I never imagined possible.


For most of my life I thought sound was something you hear. When I stumbled into my first gong bath several years ago, I realized the power of sound is so much more than an auditory experience. The gong powered its way into my other senses, hijacking my mind, and brought me an experience that was hard to put into words. I felt like I was floating off the mat, being held in space by the intense vibration, and moving about as the facilitator manipulated the frequency of the instrument. I walked out as if floating in the clouds, feeling light, airy, and amazed at what I had just experienced with one gong and a player. After this awakening vibration, my intuition was insistent that I continue exploring, practicing, and processing the energetic powers of sound.

Sound Healing1

I read books, went to sound baths, and bought my first set of sound bowls and a gong within a couple months. Although the rapid investment into so many instruments was a bit frightening, some might even call it impulsive, I felt deep within my heart that I had not other option but to dive head first into this world. I had no idea of the profound experience that was to come over the next couple years, both as a practitioner and a facilitator.


My experience practicing yoga to the sounds of these instruments felt more connected than ever before. The vibrations encompassed my body like loving arms holding me as I moved and breathed. They became a vehicle for my mind as they quieted the internal chatter and carried me towards my highest Self. They helped me to breath through tension and let go of resistance. I always walked away with a sense of lightness, moving slowly and at peace. I knew this was more than a gimmick or a fad, there were real healing properties in this connection to vibration, and I experienced them first hand.


As my path led me to share these healing vibrations with the public in my yoga classes, I found my way into a natural state of flow. I felt like I was home, at peace, and connected to each vibration that I created. When I play the instruments, I am the first recipient of their vibrations, and the experience has been transformational! I can think more clearly, relax more deeply, and release stress more easily. This has revolutionized my yoga practice, my business, my writings, and my ability to handle the daily stressors of life.


Sitting with my instruments became my safe space, where I am most comfortable and open to the infinite flow of creativity. I uncovered the ability to sense the energy of the groups in front of me and tune my playing to harmonize with that energy. I can’t properly articulate how exactly that happens, but a feeling of knowing what to play takes over my body and flows through my hands as I play the instruments, uncovering new sequences, sounds, and combinations in every session that I play. Not only does this create an experience that is entirely unique to everyone in the studio, it makes my own experience exhilarating, like a child playing with a new toy for the first time.


In addition, as a facilitator and teacher of sound baths and distributor of sonic healing instruments, I received a level of abundance that I did not think was possible in years past. I am incredibly fulfilled to know that my work has spread the power of sound into the lives of many others though my sessions and those of my students. My life is better off in every way due to my work with these instruments and I can honestly say that I love what I do and am blessed to have found my way into the transformational world of sound healing.


At Riffs Studios, we are proud dealers of the Meinl Sonic Energy gongs and drums and Crystal Tones singing bowls. I am passionate about getting these instruments into the hands of those with the desire to walk this path, and am happy to share my knowledge with anyone being called to the power of vibration. Please email me at with any inquiries into private sound baths, lessons, or instrument retail.

Sound Healing 2