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489 Days Later

January 27th of 2016 I wrote an article about the passing of my mother and my process of healing and growing from that experience. I wrote it because I had a message that changed my life and I felt I had to share that message with whoever needed it. Somewhat to my surprise, a lot of people needed to hear that message. Within 24 hours my post had thousands of viewers and I received several emails of further questions and gratitude for my thoughts. It was really a beautiful thing. Read More

What It Means To Let Go

It was 2 years ago today that I suddenly lost my mother, without a doubt the most difficult and transformational event in my life. The months that followed were very dark, filled with self-abuse and negativity. My mother was the most loving, supportive, selfless person I knew, how could she be taken from me, from the world, so suddenly? Read More