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Here at Riffs we believe branded clothing is vital to any business, band, or team to share your value with your supporters. It is more than a logo on a t-shirt, it is a statement of allegiance to your values, your integrity, your identity. We believe your branded apparel should reflect that in style, feel, and quality. We've been selling our own apparel since 2012, and have learned first hand how a customer decides to buy and wear your brand, and we've built our custom apparel service on those values. 


Pillars of Apparel Success




No matter how cool your t-shirt looks, people won't wear it long if it isn't comfortable. We use only the highest quality clothing available to provide you with with the most comfortable clothes that will make your customers LOVE to wear your brand because your tee is so dang comfortable. We use water-based inks to provide a lightweight, comfortable print that keeps the fabric true to touch. 

Customer Service


We know from experience how challenging it can be to get branded apparel. The options are unlimited- colors, fabrics, sizes, styles, etc- and sometimes it feels like throwing a dart in the dark and hoping the clothing comes out somewhat how you hope. We know, we've been there. We will spend the time with you to ensure you are getting exactly what you want to best succeed for your customer base. We know our fabrics, cuts, prints, and prices, so let us help you make this process as easy as it should be to get the best item to share your brand with the world. 



There is nothing worse than making an order and waiting 6 weeks to receive the inventory, when you were told 2 weeks. We know you could have sold all your apparel twice over in that time! That's lost opportunity cost, and we don't want to be any part of that. We will quote you a time for delivery of your order on your official bid, in writing, and signed by us. If heaven forbid we are late, even by a day, you get 15% off the order AND the next one make as well. 

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