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Yoga is for everyone. No matter the age, gender, or experience, we have a wide range of classes to help new students learn the ropes and advanced practitioners deepen their practice. Here is some information about the class types to help you get started in finding the best class for you! They are listed from least to most challenging-

  • Restorative Yoga: (Beginner Friendly) Similar to Yin, restorative is a passive practice with gentle stretching purposed to open up the body and allow for self-healing. The use of essential oils is incorporated into the practice to add an extra healing component. Expect to leave fully relaxed, open, and smelling great.
  • Yin Yoga: (Beginner Friendly) A passive practice, this class is accessible to all. Yin yoga is focused on the joints and connective tissue in the body, and is a great way to work out old injuries, lubricate the joints, and explore deep flexibility. This class also has a meditative component, as each pose is held for several minutes it is the perfect way to relax and release from the everyday stresses of life.
  • Gentle Hatha: (Beginner Friendly) This class introduces the fundamentals of yoga with an intelligently designed sequence of poses that is accessible to new students and allows the more experienced practitioner a chance to explore and master the intricacies of each posture. Students of this class will enjoy a well rounded yoga experience without the demand of a fast moving sequence and create a foundation upon which to build their practice. This class will be nice and easy, sure to bring you into a state of peace. 
  • Slow Flow: (Beginner Friendly, some experience is beneficial) This is an all levels class designed for a range of students to further deepen their practice. This class will move slowly, but may incorporate breath-to-movement flowing sequences and/or a challenging peak pose. An introduction to intermediate or advanced poses may be incorporated into the sequence, but will be offered with modifications for less experienced students and options for more experienced students to go deeper.
  • Vinyasa: (Beginner Friendly, Some yoga experience is helpful). This is an intermediate level class designed to challenge students to find more depth in their practice. This class will move at a faster pace, often incorporating vinyasa flow, with the focus on preparing the mind and body for a peak pose. It may incorporate more difficult poses such as arm balances, inversions, and binds. Although challenging, this class is accessible to all students with some yoga experience.
  • Bheemashakti: (All Levels) Bheemashakti Yoga consists of physical exercises (kriyas) combined with dynamic breathing practices (pranayama) and harmonizing meditations to prepare the student for any level of yogic practice one desires. Conditioning the body in this way accelerates the improvement of any existing asana practice. Instruction follows a rhythmic cycle to balance the energies in the body and is tailored to the individual needs of each student. Open to all levels and experience.

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