jenn_richardson2Lead Teacher- Jenn Richardson

Jenn has lead and co-lead Yoga Alliance approved Teacher Training's, retreats in and out of the country and studied body and energy work. She has worked with the student athletes for many seasons at, the University of San Diego guiding sport specific yoga, breathing and meditation. Jenn recently finished her 500-hour certification with renowned teacher and author, Rolf Gates.


In her classes she guides students to look within, listen deeply and to be aware of their own unique anatomy. Jenn believes in creating and holding a loving space for each person, speaking words that are high in vibration and facilitating an experience that allows people to feel empowered, inspired and safe.  


Jenn also volunteers with San Diego Sharp Hospice in support of the dying process as a dignified and spiritual experience. Jenn recently became a mother, her most rewarding role yet. She has taught in San Diego for over a decade and looks forward to continuing to learn, study and grow within the community that has supported her and hopes that she, through yoga, can be a source of support and empowerment too.


Karina GerschlerLead Teacher - Karina Gerschler

Karina is a native San Diegan who started her yoga journey by taking her first Vinyasa class in 2003. With this practice she ventured down a spiritual path that transformed her from the inside out, which grew into the desire to share it with others. She is an E-RYT 200 that teaches a variety of styles such as Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative. Her first yoga teacher training was with vinyasa. Additional trainings include Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training with David Swenson and Kelley Washington and is also a certified Aerial Yoga Instructor from Aerial Houston Yoga program. In her classes she places emphasis on the breath, energy locks, and focal points while moving through postures. She'll guide you through your class to arrive to a meditative space. Karina's intention is to help students help themselves to heal, grow, laugh, and love!

Riffs Yoga Teacher Training:

This 200HR training is incredibly unique, dynamic and powerful. Featuring a well-organized, thematic schedule with senior guest teachers, students will be deeply exposed to the philosophical and physical facets of modern yoga. 

Students will be encouraged and supported to create their own energetically-intelligent sequences with guidance, discussion and feedback from leaders- Jenn Richardson CYT 500 and Karina Gerschler E-RYT 200. Heavily steeped in alignment-based theory, students will not only gain understanding of their own anatomy but also learn the art of "reading bodies" in order to lead thoughtful and safe experiences that will have a long lasting impact on their students, friends and family.  

This training will expose students to other branches of Hatha Yoga, such as Ashtanga, Iyengar, Anusara, Kundalini & Yoga Therapy. We will discuss philosophy and dive into subjects such as Tantra and Mythology.

Additional areas of focus are-the art of flow, Sanskrit, asana architecture, organic themes, meditation and chanting, the yoga sutras of Patanjali, history of modern yoga and conscious death-exploring corpse pose. 

Who is this program for?

This program is for anyone who has stepped onto their yoga mat and felt the call to deepen their practice. 

It's for those looking to uncover their personal philosophy.

It is for those who are seeking spiritual depth, anatomical knowledge, creative and skillful understanding of asana. This program is for those who want to sing and chant, laugh and cry and make friends for a lifetime.

What will you get from this training?

This course will give you the ability to teach yourself yoga and will offer you the opportunity to step into yoga as a lifestyle. You will gain the experience to teach yoga to others, whether in a classroom setting or to friends and family. This training offers guidance from teachers who are well credentialed and have many years of teaching experience. You will become much more familiar with your anatomy as we breakdown different aspects of the body and how they work individually as well as part of the entire system. We will also focus a great deal on how to "read bodies"- looking at modern situations/experiences and how they translate onto the mat. One of the greatest attributes to be gained from this program is public speaking skills and empowerment within vissudha/throat chakra as well as holding space and developing sincere listening skills.

*Trainees will receive a full Riffs Membership for the duration of this training and special alumni pricing for upon completion of the program* 



Full Tuition: $2599

Payment plans are available for an additional 5%, please inquire.

Payment must be completed by last day of training. Full refunds will be offered until July 30th, after which only 50% of payment will be offered for late cancelation. No refund will be offered after the first day of training.

Dates and Times:


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"I came to teacher training to center myself, deepen my practice and find my voice in a more authentic and thoughtful way. I had the "youngest" practice out of anyone in the group, by far, and learned so much and felt very supported throughout the entire process. Jenn and Kellie are both extraordinary mentors and two women who truly lead by example, and I doubt the transformation would have been so profound if it wasn't for them. Riffs, in particular, is the perfect yoga home because it's a beautiful space filled with open and interesting people. All of the vanity and competition you might find in other studios is completely absent here and I couldn't recommend undertaking a teacher training here enough. If you come with an determination and an open mind and heart, they'll provide the rest."

Jackie B., Riffs YTT 2016 Graduate

I thank Karina and Jenn for creating an opportunity to have a mentorship experience!! Having this focused attention and feedback + teaching time was HUGE for my growth and I would definitely recommend you continue with it for future TT cohorts!

-Marie B., Riffs YTT 2017 Graduate

"Riffs teacher training was so much more than I ever imagined. In addition to a deep understanding of how and why we do yoga poses, I learned to find my own unique voice both on the mat and off, to open my heart to new yogic paths, and above all else, to turn fear and doubt into courage and joy."

-Danny S., Riffs YTT 2016 Graduate

I took my 200 hour yoga teacher training in 2012 with Jenn Richardson. When I decided to sign up I knew it was going be a great training but Jenn really went above and beyond to give us an "experience" that was much more than just a certification. As I look back at my TT I realize how truly blessed I was to have been a part of such a unique training. Each class and lecture was organized, well planned and we spend a lot of time leaning and discussing the philosophy of yoga and spiritually. Jenn's caring, supportively and encouraging demeanor gave me so much confidence, not just as a yoga teacher but,  confidence in myself. I will forever be grateful for this experience!

-Kelli M.

In Fall 2013, I blindly signed up for yoga teacher training with Jenn Richardson and immediately felt supported by her knowledge and generous heart. Jenn is incredibly gifted in her ability to empower and be present to her students, both as a teacher and a life-long student herself. She understands the importance of lineage in studying and individualizing alignment in practice to maintain the safety and integrity of the postures. She crafts intelligent, modern sequences against moving playlists that will get your heart racing, allowing your body’s wisdom to surface. As a teacher, she is patient and ready to meet students where they are when they step into the room for teacher training. Additionally, she carefully selects guest lectures who are inspiring and have uniques paths, which creates an environment to craft your own perspective. Since training with Jenn, she has furthered her studies with Rolf Gates and become a mother. Her next training is sure to incorporate the wisdom of these rich life experiences. After training with Jenn Richardson, I immediately started teaching corporate classes at my employer and still teach today. I continued my studies through Loyola Marymount’s Yoga Therapy program with the support of Jenn R.

-Jenn S.
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